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YO’CURES is the clinic of its kind where all the therapies are under one roof which is in close association with the nature. No drugs, no medicines, no injections and no more surgery. At Yo’cures clinic we give the body an opportunity to get healed on its own, believing that the body has it’s an elaborate healing and recuperating powers with in.


YO’CURES Institute of Naturopathy & Yoga Therapy was started in the year 1999 in a natural serene green lush at srinagar colony, Hyderabad.

YO’CURES offres integrated holistic approach of natural, traditional and technological ways to help the body to get rid off human problems.



Know our experienced team of spa wellness. Customer satisfaction is their goal.
Dr.challa B.V.Satish Kumar Reddy
Naturopathy & yoga therapy physician
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Mrs.Challa Roja ramani
Nature cure & yoga therapist
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Power yoga Expert
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Dr. Pranavaditya
Physiotherapy Expert
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