Research published by Dr. Challa Satish Kumar Reddy under the guidance of svyasa:

Telles, S., Reddy, S.K. and Nagendra, H.R. (2000). Oxygen consumption and respiration following two yoga relaxation techniques. Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, 25(4): 221-227.

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Research publications by team:

Vempati, R. P. and Telles, S. (2000). Baseline occupational stress levels and physiological responses to a two day stress management program. Journal of Indian Psychology, 18 (1 & 2): 33-37.

Vempati, R.P. and Telles, S. (1999). Yoga based relaxation versus supine rest: a study of oxygen consumption, breath rate and volume & autonomic measures. Journal of Indian Psychology, 17(2): 46-52.

Research papers presented in various international conferences:

1. Effect of integrated approach of yoga therapy on the symptoms score in urinary incontinence women.

2. Changes in personality and health index in yoga sadhakas in relation with holistic health systems of management.