Weight Loss

Yo’cures uses the essence of natural therapies,power yoga & scientifically proven technological methods based on fat analysis, BMR  and physical body parameters  like body diameters, skin fold thickness and bone diameters.

Who is over weight? If a person is more than 10% standard weight we call him / her as over-weight, more than 20% standard weight he / she is obese based on their height and body frame. It can also be calculated by B.M.I. (body mass index). When B.M.I. is more than 25-30, they are over – weight and more than 30 are called obese.

In simple words to know whether your weight is ideal or not, in order to know see the following calculation.

If a person height in cms is 170 then his /her ideal weight is 170-100=70+/-2Kgs. I.e. just deduct 100 from his/ her actual height and add+/-2 Kgs.

Yo’cures uses natural methods like kellog’s Massages – using oil, cream, aloe vera gels, powders, Steam bath, Yoga, Diet councelling, body wraps, and exfoliation techniques . It’s a privilege to combine the European methods using lipotherm (weight reduction machine) and body perfects (Inch loss machine) etc., before starting the program we use sophisticated diagnostic methods like body composition test to know the fat percentage in your body.

YO’CURES emphasises daily power yoga practice in our clinic for the co-ordination of body, mind and soul.



Our Speciality
  • Every Day – FREE!!! Power Yoga with all our special weight loss programs
  • Yo’cures newly introduces Jacuzzi – whirl pool bath and G5 massager to have more accurate results.
  • Yo’cures emphasizes on inch loss and skin tightening techniques like tummy tucks and body wraps.
  • Yo’cures also offers 1year free follow up to maintain the weight ideally because obesity is after all a disorder.
  • Yo’cures promises to make you to loose 10 to 12 Kgs. weight and 3.5″ to 4″ waist line in a very scientific method.
  • Yo’cures makes Power yoga practice everyday along with specially tailored weight loss programs.